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Looking for some good Debian or Linux presentation proposals

Hi all,

	Usenix is going to be moving to a new model for their annual
technical conference starting in 2004.  First of all, the conference
will be moved to the March/April timeframe (the dates for 2004 will be
April, in Boston), so it isn't right on top of the O'Reilley Open Source
conference and the Ottawa Linux Symposium.  Secondly, the referred paper
track and the freenix track is going to be merged together, and there
will be a number of confederated "workshops" or special interest groups
tracks that will be run in parallel.  (i.e., with topics like UseLinux,
BSD, Security, Java, PHP, etc.  Each topic might consist of a day or two
worth of presentations/workshops, with tutorials related to that topic
happening before or after the workshop days.

	I've agreed to help organize UseLinux, so I'm looking for some
proposals for presentations for the Linux day(s).  We will have one,
maybe two days (depending on how many good proposals I get) that will be
dedicated exclusively to Linux.  They don't necessarily need to be
deeply technical talks; talks about how you are using Linux in your
workplace, or how you were able to convince your boss to accept Linux,
are all great potential topics.  There will be a formal call for
proposals coming out in a little while, but please start thinking about
this now.  It would be great to make sure that some Debian-oriented
talks were present at this conference.

	In addition, while I don't have time to organize this, if folks
are interested in organizing a mini-US DebConf in Boston, Usenix still
has room for session proposals for the 2004 Usenix conference in Boston.
Basically, Usenix will provide all of the meeting administration and
logistics, and all the organizer(s) have to provide is the content.
It's up to each session whether it is all referred papers, or all
invited talks, or some mix in-between.

	Alternatively, if there is interest, Usenix might be able to
provide a meeting room and logistics for something smaller (say 30-40
debian developers in a workshop style setting) colocated with LISA
conference.  (October 26-31, 2003 in San Diego, November 14-19, 2004 in
Atlanta).  So for folks who were missing regional shows like ALS, if
someone wants to organize a mini-Debconf for US developers to have a
chance to get together, there is an opportunity to do something like
that here.  If there's interest, let me know, and I can help you get
sometihng organized with Usenix.

	(I'm on their good side right now, because the Kernel Summit in
Ottawa may be the only conference/workshop that Usenix is running this
year which is making money.  And I can say that as a program chair, it's
very nice to be letting the Usenix folks handle all of the meeting

						- Ted

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