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Re: Suggestion: naming convention for kernel module source packages.

On Sat, 2003-07-19 at 17:30, David Z Maze wrote:
> foo-source is very common, but also picks up some other things.  There
> are a couple of foo-modules-source, but if the foo is long this gives
> a pretty long package name.  If we're formalizing the structure of
> kernel modules, I'd propose having foo-source contain
> /usr/share/doc/foo-source and /usr/src/foo.tar.gz, where foo.tar.gz
> unpackes into modules/foo.  This would give some consistency, and make
> it pretty straightforward to use make-kpkg's --added-modules flag.

Yes, that is the current de-facto standard.  I maintain thinkpad-source
which contains /usr/src/thinkpad.tar.gz which unpacks into modules/thinkpad
which is used to build thinkpad-modules-x.y.z packages.  I followed the
example of pcmcia-source / pcmcia-modules-x.y.z and kernel-source-x.y.z /
kernel-image-x.y.z-yadda .

Thomas Hood

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