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Re: Processed: Tagging as upstream problem


[Cc'd to debian-devel ]

Hamish Moffat:
> Matthias Urlichs:
> > Tags added: upstream
> That seems a bit unnecessary given that the bug is already forwarded
> upstream. If it helps out some report somewhere I suggest making that
> report more intelligent...

"Forwarded" just says that the report has been forwarded to upstream.
IMHO, it doesn't actually say that the problem is an upstream problem.

So the general question is: should forwarding a bug auto-set the Upstream bit?
Alternately, should the RC bug report flag a bug with 'F' if it has been 

My point is that the RC bug report list should show at a glance whether it 
makes sense to open a bug to check whether work by <insert random DD, or in 
my case prospective DD, who wants to help fix RC bugs> might be helpful.

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