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Charting Debian


I have created a chart of Debian software that may interest you.
It is a so called 'Self Organizing Map' visualisation of the dependencies.

It depicts all packages from testing/main with 5 or more dependencies.
Instead of visualizing the dependencies directly, a classification has been

In the chart, all packages that have highly similar dependencies are grouped
close together. Alternatively, packages placed on opposite sides of the map
truly have wildly different dependencies. Clustering is present at all scales.
Unfortunately, some clusters are too dense to read.

You can view the map at:
And the Postscript source at:
Unfortunately, I have no index to the map, but if you know its dependencies,
you should be able to locate a specific package, provided it has 5+ deps.
Alternatively, you can search in the Postscript source.

For more info on Kohonen's SOM (aka SOFM), search google for 
"Kohonen Self Organizing Feature Map"

Yours Sincerely,

   Bram Stolk

 Bram Stolk, VR Specialist.
 SARA Academic Computing Services Amsterdam, PO Box 94613, 1090 GP  AMSTERDAM
 email: bram@sara.nl   Phone +31-20-5923059  Fax +31-20-6683167

 "Gates' Law: Every 18 months, the speed of software halves."

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