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Bug#201359: ITA: cyrus-imapd -- CMU Cyrus mail system

retitle 201359 ITA: cyrus-imapd -- CMU cyrus mail system

I'm planning on adopting cyrus if nobody else more qualified[1] steps up to
the plate.  It's too good a piece of software to let wallow like so many

I'm well aware of Cyrus 1.5's age and upstream death.  My intention is not
to make cyrus 1.5 live on forever, but rather to keep it in a neat and tidy
manner, free of bugs, for those who want to use it, and provide a stable
upgrade path to Cyrus 2 for those people who want to move on.

I'm happy to discuss others maintaining, co-maintaining, or whatever else,
if there are other DDs interested in cyrus 1.5 as well.

[1] As in, "works with Cyrus more than me, is a DD, and has the time to
maintain it".

- Matt

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