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Re: default MTA for sarge

In article <[🔎] E19cQfu-0006XF-Ll@mid.downhill.at.eu.org>,
Andreas Metzler  <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> wrote:
>Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> wrote:
>> It would have been better to create an all-singing, all-dancing
>> exim.conf that can do all functions needed (local-only, remote, relay)
>> and turn that on/off and configure it through simple files read
>> by the main exim config.
>You talk about .ifdef? That feature was not around when I designed
>the configstuff.

No, I mean like

CONFIG     = /etc/exim/exim.debian.conf
LOCAL_DOMS = ${lookup{local_domains}lsearch{CONFIG}}
SMARTHOST  = ${lookup{smarthost}lsearch{CONFIG}}

domainlist local_domains = LOCAL_DOMS

# Smarthost on ISP network
driver = manualroute
    condition = SMARTHOST
    domains = !+local_domains
    transport = remote_smtp
    route_list = * SMARTHOST

.. etc. Just lookup the main stuff from a exim.debian.conf file
that is in the format

local_domains		myhost.mydomain.bla
smarthost		smtp.myisp.bla

If smarthost is not set (or set to "no") the smarthost router
will not be used. You can define a dnslookup router next, which
can be turned on/off through the exim.debian.conf file, etc etc

Include support for virtual domains through a /etc/exim/virtaliases
file - lookup the domains to use it for in the file itself, etc.

So you see it is very doable to write an extremely generic exim.conf file
that is actually configured through an exim.debian.conf key/value
pair file, some alias files and perhaps a smtp.auth.conf file.

I'm not saying you /have/ to do this, I'm just thinking out
loud really.

In fact, thinking a little further, if you design this carefully
together with the postfix and sendmail folks it might be possible
to make those config files (outside the mta-specific base conffile)
exactly the same for all mentioned MTAs.


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