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Re: default MTA for sarge

* Craig Sanders

 > except for secure, fast, and scales beautifully from small to large systems.
 > and i'm not so sure about "very easy to configure", either...."fairly easy",
 > yes.  "very easy", not really.

  I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree here.

 > while (AFAIK) there are no current exploits for exim, that is more by
 > accident or luck than by design - the monolithic mail daemon running as
 > root design is inherently insecure.

  I'd trust Philip Hazel's ability to write good code without luck being
 involved;  and as far as I know even the Postfix guys relies on one of
 his software packages (libpcre).

  And about the 'running as root' issue;  come again?  Andreas' packages
 runs the exim daemon as the 'mail' user per default, and I cannot remember
 any exim package in Debian that behaved differently.

 > exim is certainly not fast, and while it may be adequate for tiny mail
 > systems with trivial loads, it doesn't scale up to large mail systems -
 > which is an important point, debian is better off with a default MTA that
 > can handle any load thrown at it.

  This is, of course, bullshit.  Care to support your claims with anything
 meaningful?  In my experience, the storage performance or backend database
 performance is more likely to become the bottleneck anyway, not the MTA.

  Not that performance under very high load should be a very important
 factor in choosing the default MTA anyway -- simplicity should be.

 > it's a quality issue.
 > this idea may be blasphemous in today's anti-meritorious world of
 > standardised mediocrity but not all things are the same.  some things
 > really are better than others.

  Do you have anything other than unfounded assertions that Exim "sucks"
 and spurious claims that Postfix is The Superiour MTA to contribute to
 this discussion?

Tore Anderson

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