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Re: Bug#192869: surfraw: surprized you added so many commands to /usr/bin

Stephen Stafford <ssta@pol.ac.uk> writes:

>> Which solutions are you suggesting?
> The main one I think is good is having a /usr/bin/surfraw/ or similar that
> users can add to their $PATH, or alias on a case by case basis as they prefer.

Am I the only one considering subdirectories to /usr/bin a bad thing?

Wouldn't it be much better putting stuff somewhere in /usr/lib/surfraw
and then add surfraw script to /usr/bin:




exec ${CMD} "$@"


People who want to use the commands directly could still add
/usr/lib/surfraw to their $PATH and people who doesn't want to polute
their $PATH to use the package can just use the surfraw script. 

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