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Re: Bug#192869: surfraw: surprized you added so many commands to /usr/bin

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 01:13:49PM +0100, Stephen Stafford wrote:
> Okay, I can see that a lot of commands might be desirable here, but there
> are a LOT of these with VERY generic names.  "ask", "fast", "rhyme", "cite",
> etc.

Which solutions are you suggesting?
> The package seems to be effectively unusable at the moment (see bug #200164)
> and looks effectively unmaintained to me (no upload in over a year, and no
> buglog entries from the maintainer in that long that I can find.)

I know...
> So, the solutions I am considering are:
> 1: I hijack/adopt this package, clean it up, reduce the namespace pollution
>    by making each command an argument to just ONE command, and generally
>    making the package fit for use.
> 2: Filing for its removal on the basis of the extreme pollution and lack of
>    maintenance.
> It looks like it needs a LOT of work to achieve 1, so I'll probably go for 2
> unless someone steps forward to take it on, since my current Debian time is
> very limited :(

Time is the main problem for my lack of work on it... maybe we can share
time of several people to work on it, I think it's a very useful
package... if it works correctly, as you say. :)
> Since there really are a lot of *trivial* to fix bugs, that have been lying
> around for a year, I'd say this package was unmaintained.  It looks to me
> like it could be a very useful package though.  If someone in the NM queue
> for example had the time to take this, then I'd be happy to sponsor uploads
> for them indefinitely.

> Of course, all of this assumes that Christian Surchi <csurchi@debian.org> is
> in fact MIA and/or no longer interested in the package.  He will be CCd
> because this mail is going to the buglog, and if he steps forward, cleans up
> his package, and does something about the namespace pollution, I'll be
> happy.  If not then I'll either hijack it, adopt it, or file for removal.

I'm not MIA and I hope we can find people that can work on the package
and if possibile develop and maintain "plugins", because there is no
upstream release from so many time... I want to avoid its removal.
> CCing -devel because I'm *bloody* pissed off, and I'd like to give people
> the chance to flame/give me reasons not to do this.  hijacking someone elses
> package isn't a thing to take lightly, no matter how poor a job they appear
> to be doing of it to me.

I think hijacking is useful when maintainer is MIA... I'm not MIA, you
can see mails and activities related to me. :) Now "asking" is better 
,IMHO. :)


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