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I have no time right now to check whether this has been discussed
recently (so read the email's end before you flame me on the list),
but this:

  E.2 Binary distribution

  MPlayer previously contained source from the OpenDivX project,
  which disallows binary redistribution. This code has been removed
  in version 0.90-pre1 and the remaining file divx_vbr.c that is
  derived from OpenDivX sources has been put under the GPL by its
  authors as of version 0.90pre9. You are now welcome to create
  binary packages as you see fit.

  Another impediment to binary redistribution were compiletime
  optimizations for CPU architecture. MPlayer now supports runtime
  CPU detection (specify the --enable-runtime-cpudetection option
  when configuring). It is disabled by default because it implies
  a small speed sacrifice, but it is now possible to create binaries
  that run on different members of the Intel CPU family.

is new (on
http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/users_against_developers.html), isn't

So can we package it now for Debian?

If this has been discussed, please reply PRIVATELY with a polite
"Shut the F*ck up, Martin".


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