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Re: Deconf and shared questions

* Manoj Srivastava 

| 	If there is to be a shared variable, what should the common
|  shared toplevel hierarchy be? I don't see all these packages (dist,
|  mailagent, Gnus, VM, and other packages) using a common (virtual)
|  package name; they are not even close to being similar types of
|  packages, and thus do not share a common purpose in general, only for
|  this variable.

shared/, iirc.

| 	The question then becomes: what is this shared variable
|  called? How does a package maintainer discover this variable? How are
|  updates to common templates made? Does some package "own" this shared
|  variable template? Which one? 

shared/news/organization, if my memory serves me correctly.

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