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Re: Deconf and shared questions

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	How does one discover these templates then? Is this a
>  hit-or-miss effort based on the packages I may have installed on my
>  machine? Seems to me that makes it very likely that the user shall be
>  bombarded with identical questions on install then; I think this
>  would be quite irksome.

namespace.txt in debconf-doc gives some general rules and documents a
few of them. I will be glad to add more. Or this could be moved into a
file included in policy and maintained that way.

> > The "shared/" toplevel heirarchy seems to be popular for this sort
> > of thing, at any rate; even related packages seem likely to use this
> > when the question doesn't clearly belong to just one of them.
> 	OK. How do I discover the templates in the shared hierarchy,
>  then? 
> > As for owning the template: /all/ of the packages own the template
> > (as shown by the Owners: field in /var/cache/debconf/config.dat),
> > and must ship it; or there must be a common package that all others
> > depend on which owns the question, if including it in multiple
> 	Assuming one knows which package this is. Also, do all these
>  templates have to be identical? If not, which template determines the
>  question that is asked? 

Shared templates should be identical and must be duplicated in all
packages that use them. The most recent text debconf sees will be used.

> 	I am not sure where I stand on the tradeoff between multiple,
>  redundant questions being asked in the preconfigure phase, or a
>  single question being asked in the postinst (since subsequent
>  postinsts would not ask the question since /etc/news/organization
>  would exist).  I tend to lean towards the single question.

There is no need to ask questions in the postinst. It works like this:

- preinst a asks shared/foo: unseen so displayed
- preinst b asks shared/foo: seen, so question skipped
- postinst a acts on shared/foo
- postinst b acts on shared/foo

see shy jo

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