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Re: Bug#201125: ITP: par2 -- Parity Archive v2

Steve Lamb <grey@dmiyu.org> wrote:
> On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 19:47:24 +0200
> Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> wrote:
>> Is there a good reason why this is called par2 instead of parchive2?
>> Take a look at apt-cache show par

>    Because the upstream is par2.  par 1 is parchive on Debian because of the
> name conflict with Adam Costello's formatting utility.  I was thinking of
> keeping it consistent with implementations out there on other platforms.

Fair enough, good reason.

>    Costello's par hasn't seen development in the past 2 years.  In fact the
> development that has happened in the past 7 years has been little more than
> updating contact information and a minor bugfix release.  I don't think there
> is danger of the text formatting tool getting a second version much less a
> second version which would require such a radical change as to be packaged as
> par2.

I don't hope so. ;-)

>    However, if others disagree I an willing to change it to parchive2.  I'd
> entertain discussion at that point on the naming of the binary and if the 3
> symlinks to par2verify, par2repair and par2create should be dropped.  They are
> the reason why the man paged, I feel, need 3 symlinks instead of 4 copies.  :)

Personally I think that parchive2 is a better name for the package,
simply because it a little bit descriptive, the project calls it self
parchive, and because I am not in favour of nondescriptive 3letter
words. ;-)

But I do not think my humble opinion should keep you from
naming it the way you think is best. Whichever way you decide, please
list the alternative name in the extended descrition, to make both
searching for par2 and parchive2 with apt-cache possible.
                thanks, cu andreas

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