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Re: Bug#201125: ITP: par2 -- Parity Archive v2

On Sun, 13 Jul 2003 19:47:24 +0200
Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> wrote:
> Is there a good reason why this is called par2 instead of parchive2?
> Take a look at apt-cache show par

    Because the upstream is par2.  par 1 is parchive on Debian because of the
name conflict with Adam Costello's formatting utility.  I was thinking of
keeping it consistent with implementations out there on other platforms.

    Costello's par hasn't seen development in the past 2 years.  In fact the
development that has happened in the past 7 years has been little more than
updating contact information and a minor bugfix release.  I don't think there
is danger of the text formatting tool getting a second version much less a
second version which would require such a radical change as to be packaged as

    However, if others disagree I an willing to change it to parchive2.  I'd
entertain discussion at that point on the naming of the binary and if the 3
symlinks to par2verify, par2repair and par2create should be dropped.  They are
the reason why the man paged, I feel, need 3 symlinks instead of 4 copies.  :)

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