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Re: Debian 10th birthday gear

On Wed, 2003-07-09 at 11:02, Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> These servers do not have any users besides you?  I run a number of Debian
> servers, but of course, these servers have other users (that is who they
> serve).

When you look at it that way, yes, you're right. I suppose I was
thinking of "user" as "someone who runs a computer" rather than "some
random internet user who happens to pull a page off my server". If the
definition of user is broadened that much, the ratio changes

The middle ground definition would be "people with an account (shell,
mail, whatever) on a machine", which would of course still mean more
users than machines and proves your point.

Either way, one figure I'd really like to know is how many unique
individuals use Debian directly (managing a server, on the desktop,
whatever) on a regular basis. Not much chance of getting a number on
that though!

Cheers  :-)


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