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Re: Kernel question: initrd/cramfs

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 06:55:01PM +0200, Nenad Antonic wrote:

> 	Kernel-source-2.4.21 has some configuration problems. 
> (make xconfig does not work:
> 	crypto/Config.in: 43: unknown command
> 	make[1]: *** [kconfig.tk] Error 1
> 	make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/k21ter/scripts'	)

That is fixed in 2.4.21-2, now in unstable.

> 	Besides, it does not (yet) contain some of the features I need (e.g.
> new ACPI).

Neither does kernel.org source, and you can patch both of them easily.

> 	I have tried several post 2.4.21 versions, and for 2.4.22-pre3, while
> using debian kernel-package 8.041, testing cramfsprogs 1.1-4 and
> initrdtools (both 0.1.47 and 0.1.48), I was not able to boot:
> 	RAMDISK: cramfs filesystem found at block 0
> 	RAMDISK: loading 1032 blocks [1 disk] into ram disk... done.
> 	Freeing initrd memory: 1032k freed
> 	cramfs: wrong magic
> 	Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 03:01

Strange...it is recognized as a cramfs filesystem, but then fails to mount.
Are you able to mount the initrd using a loop device?

 - mdz

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