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Re: Bug#200332: O: netpbm -- Graphics conversion tools

* Steve McIntyre (steve@einval.com) [030707 16:20]:
> I realise that I may have just put off anybody who might have taken
> netpbm, but I wouldn't want to see people pick it up expecting an easy
> job. We might even be better off dropping the whole package
> completely, but for the fact that it has quite a lot of dependents.

As you said, we should make at least a silent transition. IMHO we
should split netpbm to a netpbm-legacy (to where all the programms are
transfered) and then substitut the programms on a step-by-step basis
with wrappers to usable[1] programms in netpbm-* (or already existing)
packages). [1] "usable" means: have usable licences and a manpage.

This would also mean that bugs to netbm are usually not fixed, and new
versions not integrated in debian. As speaking alone doesn't help I
have ITAed netpbm.

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