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Bug#200332: O: netpbm -- Graphics conversion tools

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

[ cc: to debian-devel; maybe we need some discussion about this... ]

I've had enough of netpbm - it's a big package that takes far too much
effort for me to keep up with it. Upstream source is a mix of non-free
and free software, and even the free software has such a wide range of
licenses that the package needs its licenses auditing with every new
release. In addition to this mess, the latest major revision (version
10) does not even contain the man pages:

"Netpbm's maintainer believes man pages are obsolete and too limiting."

The random mix of binaries in netpbm have no consistent interface and
no consistency in their code, so I would fully expect it to have lots
of dangerous bugs, including (but not limited to) temporary file races
and buffer overflows.

I realise that I may have just put off anybody who might have taken
netpbm, but I wouldn't want to see people pick it up expecting an easy
job. We might even be better off dropping the whole package
completely, but for the fact that it has quite a lot of dependents.

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.                                steve@einval.com
"It's actually quite entertaining to watch ag129 prop his foot up on
 the desk so he can get a better aim."          [ seen in ucam.chat ]

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