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Re: Debconf and XFree86 X servers

On Sun, Jul 06, 2003 at 01:09:21AM +0200, Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> writes:
> > [Please direct any XFree86-specific followup to debian-x.]
> > 
> > On Sat, Jul 05, 2003 at 08:46:00AM -0400, Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> > > Yet another reasons for wanting to decouple installation and
> > > configuration is if some hardware company (such as VA^H^H Emperor
> > > Linux) wishes to ship Debian pre-installed on the system.  In that
> > > case, installation happens at the factory, and not when the user
> > > receives it in his/her hot little hands.
> So they should just provide a "setup.sh" script that calls
> dpkg-reconfigure for relevant packages again.
> Otherwise just type in "dpkg-reconfigure --all" and spend hours
> configuring your system as much as you like.

1) Why did you follow-up to a message of mine, but not include *any* of
   my quoted text?
2) Why did you follow-up with a non-XFree86-specific message to

Please be more judicious in your use of your MUA.

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