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Re: Resolvconf -- a package to manage /etc/resolv.conf

> On Sun, 2003-07-06 at 12:13, Thomas Hood wrote:
> > No, I meant that before entering the Debian archive it would
> > be nice if resolvconf were supported by all packages that
> > currently futz with /etc/resolv.conf, including pump and bind.
> Which other packages?

I guess I need to explain more clearly.  First.  Currently,
making certain packages work with resolvconf requires some
manual changes to configuration files.  The changes are not
large: just adding a couple of lines to initscripts and such.
Still, I think it would be nice if such packages worked with
resolvconf -- if resolvconf happens to be installed -- without
requiring any manual changes.  I won't explain here how this
can be done; please see the announcement and bug reports
#194204 and #199255 for details.

At the moment, the only packages I know of that need some
adaptation are pump and bind.  There are probably others.
Someone has mentioned squid, so I will investigate squid
later today, but at first glance it looks as if no changes
to squid will be required.

Second, resolvconf's usefulness in allowing the relocation of
variable files out of /etc/ will be greatest if packages that
currently write resolver information into files in /etc/ , such
as pump, are changed so that when resolvconf is installed they
send that information to resolvconf instead.  Again, please see

My aim is not to make resolvconf mandatory; it is to have
packages work properly with resolvconf *if* resolvconf is
installed.  When resolvconf is not installed, other packages
should continue to do what they did before.

Thomas Hood

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