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Re: Resolvconf -- a package to manage /etc/resolv.conf

#include <hallo.h>
* Thomas Hood [Sat, Jul 05 2003, 09:51:56PM]:
> Summary
> ~~~~~~~
> Resolvconf is a proposed standard framework for updating the
> system's information about currently available nameservers.
> Most importantly, it manages /etc/resolv.conf , but it does 
> a bit more than that.

The Idea is great, it would solve the long outstanding dispute between
me (pppoeconf) and pppconfig maintainer. Please, would you consider to
add another feature: priorising some entries depending on the source.
That means: 

pppoeconf's and pppconfig's script run the tool with parameter "--class
dialup", dhcp clients with "--class dynamic" and the default class would
be static. In some config file, the user defines that "dialup" gets
priority one, "dynamic" two and static three (for example), and
resolvconf merges the existing dns entries in the appropriate order.

Please also note that it would (IMHO) be a good idea to manage the
"search" list with a similar priority table, so the provider's domain is
appended or prepended (as user wishes it).

<housetier> isga: versuch mal 'apt-cache search girl friend'  :-) du wirst
	überrascht sein

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