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Re: eicar.com installer in Debian, and pre-upload interface to ftpmaster

Andreas Barth wrote:
> Marc is doing it the other way: He want an interface to reject a
> package before substantial work has been spent on it. So there
> shouldn't be this conflict any more, which would be a good thing.

Isn't this why ITPs are usually CCed to debian-devel?
Look what has been done to the email ITP, to the mplayer ITP, ...
I don't know what that "directory name" deal is, but basically I have the
feeling that ftpmaster is predicatble (in fact reasonable) enough for the public
review on -devel to anticipate decisions. No need to bother the ftpmasters with
every package where -devel or -mentors or whoever would very accurately identify
the problems it would have once it was uploaded.



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