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Re: Close old RFP/ITPs?

* Sam Hocevar (sam@zoy.org) [030705 14:50]:
> On Sat, Jul 05, 2003, Andreas Barth wrote:

> > is it usefull/ok to close old RFP/ITP-entrys? "old" means for me more
> > than year since the last mail for ITP, and 2 years for RFP. Of course
> > I would write mail first whether the package is still wanted
>    I do not think old RFPs should be closed, at least on the sole basis
> that they are old. Even if the submitter is no longer interested, other
> people may be, and there is no way to know how many they are.
>    A clean-up is probably needed though, for instance #186174 (xyzzy)
> is a rather silly RFP, it should at most be a wishlist bug for whatever
> console games package we have.

It's much more difficult to make an cleanup on a not formal criterium,
and almost impossible for myself.

However, if I ask in mail this mail would also be forwarded to
debian-wnpp, and any reader there could answers that a package seems
usefull and therefore the RFP should not be closed. So I think this
is fair enough and if neither the original requester nor any reader of
debian-wnpp sees need for a package it really doesn't need to be
packaged any more.

To Marc: You are right, ITPs should be treated as RFPs in this case
and retitled accordingly.

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