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Re: Bug#199197: bsdgames debian X menu entries depend on gnome-terminal, not in testing (Sarge)

Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> writes:

> This one time, at band camp, Christian Marillat said:


>> Yes, I know, but this user said that x-terminal-emulator is configured
>> to xterm and when he call a bsdgames menu enties a dialog box said that
>> gnome-terminal is missing. Of course files in menu-method are original
>> files. Then if somebody can understand this bug...
> It's the gnome-session terminal-emulator thing, I'm pretty sure.
> gnome-session can override the alternatives sytem, so that users can use

gnome-session change nothing, related to x-terminal-emulator

> their favorite apps for web borwser, terminal, etc., and I'm assuming
> this user has the call to terminal pointing to gnome-terminal, which
> isn't there.  This is why they are getting an error message in gnome,
> rather than a silent failure, which is what I experience when it's
> something outside of the gnome desktop.

Debian menu doesn't use at all the terminal prefered application.


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