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Re: [devel] logging for package installs

Christoph Berg wrote:
> For most (some?) of these, the syslog could be used. I'd find it
> convenient if the syslog (which I read through logcheck) contained
> messages like "dpkg: foo 1.2.3 replaced by 1.2.4" etc. Each package
> could also emit some more messages (in the style they use echo now, but
> probably somewhat terser) and those people who would like to know, could
> read it in the syslog. (The others probably don't even care about
> debconf dialog boxes.)

The problem with using the syslog is the same problem almost anything
that wants to use it in a serious way faces: The syslog interface is
old and very limited and not extensible. You're faced with ad-hoc data
formats and parsing. This is particularly annoying if you want to do
something automated with the data. Cf: logcheck. :-/ Also bug #957 and

Anyway, I feel that the tool should offer at least the ability to
display messages, filter messages, and log messages; what exactly is
used in logging is pretty much up to the implementor.

see shy jo

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