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Re: G++ 3.2 transition: How're we doing?

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 04:52:32PM -0700, Cardenas wrote:

> Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but...
> Can you explain a bit more about your process for generating this
> list? Why are the packages in the exceptions file in there? 

There seem to be two types of things in the exceptions list: g++ libraries
and Qt version 2.  Qt made the c102 transition at the same time as a soname
change, and qt2 is meant to stay with the old ABI which Qt3 has the c102
ABI. (that's my understanding anyway)

> It seems that you're not including the c102 packages. Attached is a
> list of the c102 packages, and its longer than 1. 

Because a c102 package has presumably completed the transition to c102?

I think you're confusing g++ 3.0 with g++ 3.2.

 - mdz

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