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Re: Bug#198957: ITP: email -- Send email from command line, either via MTA or SMTP, with optional encryption

Millis Miller <millis@faztek.org> writes:

> I've already spoken to the upstream author, and he does not see
> mwilling to convert to a DFSG license. Probably the only thing I can
> do is to make it suitable for the non-free section for the time
> being. Can you indicate to me how the license shoudl be changed to
> be suitable for the non-free section?

I am not for abandoning the non-free section, but I think we should
really limit it to software for which no free replacement exists. I
am not really sure that "email" satisfies this criterion. Maintaining
non-free packages is a hassle, it might be easier to write a free
replacement in the time saved by messing around with non-free packages
and getting special Debian redistribution permissions. (Remember,
there is no build daemon for non-free.)


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