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Re: Bug#198957: ITP: email -- Send email from command line, either via MTA or SMTP, with optional encryption

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 09:46:25AM +0100, Millis Miller wrote:
> I've already spoken to the upstream author, and he does not see
> mwilling to convert to a DFSG license. Probably the only thing I can
> do is to make it suitable for the non-free section for the time
> being. Can you indicate to me how the license shoudl be changed to
> be suitable for the non-free section?

Please continue this on debian-legal, it is off-topic here, and there
is already a thread about this on -legal.

Personally I'd say it is simply not worth the trouble if it is
non-free. - People will be reluctant to install it and use
free alternatives (nail, mime-construct, ...) instead, and maintaing
non-free package is more work, too, because the buildds don't touch
                cu andreas

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