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Developer Accessible Hurd Machine


Some time ago, Martin Schulze pointed out that there is no developer
accessible Hurd machine available.

I am happy to coordinate the donation of hardware for this if it is
this something that you (developers, Hurd and otherwise) feel would be
useful and possible? However, I've heard that Hurd is still unstable
enough that we will probably need to place the machine at a Hurd
developer's home or work.

-devel: Is this something developers would like?

-hurd: If consensus says we proceed, are there any volunteers for
hosting this?

Please include me to replies to -hurd since I am not on that list.


Benj. Mako Hill                   |   Debian Hardware Donations Manager
mako@debian.org                   |   "Project Quartermaster"
http://mako.yukidoke.org/         |   hardware-donations@debian.org

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