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Re: Debian for x86-64 (AMD Opteron) and migration?

Ok, a bit late in this thread, but just a small remark on the future
Opteron port : we have to take a *great* care of the migration process.

The main difference betweek Intel-64 and AMD-64, if I am correct, is that
administrators can unplug their ix86 disk from the server, and replug it
on a opteron box, swicth the power button, and that's it. 
You'll get almost the same machine, and the you can start the upgrade
process to 64-bit for all applications that needs them, and them finish
the migration. This is a process that takes time (and for some servers
that will take months or years)

Therefore you can migrate smoothly machines from the 32-bit world to the
64-bit world witout having to do a painful migration from a 32-bit server
to a full 64-bit one ; this is, IMHO, the greatest advantage of Opteron.
Many people will not switch to Itanium for this reason: you have to break
everything, including production application that sill are 32-bit.

Then, a nice thing would be on Debian, for a regular user/administrator:

- switch the disks to a Opteron box
- update the APT sources to a "Opteron" source, or to a "Opteron
migration" source
- then, use something like :
apt-get install base-64
to install the essential system files for 64-bit
apt-get install libc6-64 ..
essential libraries and elements for 64-bit code
apt-get kernel-image..-64
64-bit kernel for Opteron

I'm not sure that all remarks are wise, but I did not see this
(migration) point clearly emerging from the "Debian for x86-64 (AMD
Opteron)" previous discussion

(My 2 euro cents remark)

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