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Re: Status of Sarge Release Issues (Updated for June)

In article <[🔎] Pine.GSO.4.40.0306021434440.16643-100000@deneb.cc.umanitoba.ca>, Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> I didn't have much of a chance to update this report to be accurate to
> more than from a few days ago, but here it is as I'll likely be busy for
> the next few days. ...

Thanks for the work doing this!

> 3 Ooo (OpenOffice.org 1.0.3?): More info at least on the debian ooo
> mailing list, is there a status site?
> http://packages.qa.debian.org/o/openoffice.org.html shows some info

OpenOffice.org is not part of Debian (recall that it is contrib, not
main); why is it listed among the release issues?


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