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Re: Autobuild time-saving proposal

W liście z śro, 11-06-2003, godz. 19:43, christophe barbe pisze: 
> My idea would be to add this testing step to the buildd process.
See what SableVM main package is doing during it's build.
(./debian/testsablevm file in sablevm package sources)
As the last part of build process it runs itself twice,
once - just to see the -V (version) output then - to run
HelloWorld program which mostly guarantiees that the JVM
is capable of running programs on certain arch.

All another story is that:
- it uses LD_LIBRARY_PATH so if the resulting packages
are for ex. missing a lib - they won't work anyway
(that shouldn't happen though)
- it doesn't *install* the resulting package which
would prove it to be actually instalable
- it requires additional build-time dependencies for that
test to be possible


				Grzegorz B. Prokopski
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