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Re: Every spam is sacred

Carl B. Constantine <duckwing@duckwing.ca> wrote:
> * Santiago Vila (sanvila@unex.es) wrote:
>> Greetings.
>> I'm having a nice discussion with debian-admin. It started when I
>> asked them to add ": sbl.spamhaus.org/warn : list.dsbl.org/warn"
>> to the rbl_domains variable in master's exim.conf.
>> [ I estimate that we could easily get rid of 50% of all spam
>>   by just using those two lists, with negligible false positives
>>   if these lists follow their listing criteria ].

> Actually, the spam content on debian-devel has been cuit dramatically in
> the last couple months. It doesn't receive nearly as much spam as it
> used to. I belive the list admins are using spamasassin now or
> something. Whatever it is, it's working much better, though some spam
> still gets through.

This is not about lists.d.o (handled by murphy) but about the
developer's *@debian.org mail which is handled by master.

More on the subject: I've used RBLs in combination with a whitelist to
filter[1], it simply sucked, the only lists that matched sufficient
amount of spam also had nonzero amounts of false positives. - Sure
there are lists without false positives but that catch about one spam
in two weeks. I've switched to spamassassin in vanilla setup[2] since.
- Simply checking for score >=5 catches more spam (about 90%) than any
of the RBL lists I tried _without_ _any_ false positives.
              cu andreas
[2] I've only trained the bayesian filter with some thousand spam and ham.

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