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help: disabling relinking stupidity in libtool

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I'm the current maintainer of the gimp1.3 package. libgimp1.3 contains more than a few libraries, most of which contain interdependencies to other libraries in the same package. This causes a problem as far as interoperation between libtool & dpkg-shlibdeps goes - when libtool installs the libraries, it relinks them incorrectly so that libraries in /usr/lib get used before the freshly built libraries contained in the package itself. So what ends up happening is a bunch of mismatched dependencies in the installed .so:

$ ldd debian/libgimp1.3/usr/lib/libgimpui-1.3.so.15
        libgimp-1.3.so.14 => /usr/lib/libgimp-1.3.so.14 (0x40022000)
libgimpwidgets-1.3.so.14 => /usr/lib/libgimpwidgets-1.3.so.14 (0x40039000)
        libgimpbase-1.3.so.15 => not found

I know this is only a problem when installing because the library created with just a 'make' does not depend on any older gimp libraries in /usr/lib, but instead depends on the current version of all of the libraries. So anyway, my question is this - is it at all possible to simply get libtool not to relink when installing, or else solve the problem some other way? The only alternative would be to copy the originally built shared libries manually, but that's really ugly.

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