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Re: libgtk2.0-0 conflicts with libgdkxft0?

On Thu, 5 Jun 2003 16:24:56 +0100
Tom Badran <tb100@doc.ic.ac.uk> wrote:

> On Thursday 05 Jun 2003 3:17 pm, Matthias Urlichs wrote:
> > Sure there is. Download the source, remove the Conflicts: line, and
> > build it yourself.  ;-)
> Hmm... I don't fancy rebuilding the whole of gtk2 (that has the
> conflict, not libgdkxft). 

Well it's probably easier to unpack the deb with ar (ar -xf <debname>),
then unpack the control part of the deb (tar -xzf control.tar.gz), edit
the control file to delete conflict, repack and add the new control
section to the deb (ar -r <debname> control.tar.gz). And then of course
Haven't tried it, but should work.

grts Tim

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