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indian languages on debian - wrt Debian-IN thread

  Came across a thread 'debian-in' discussing adding indian language
support in debian.
 I am a volunteer a Indian Linux project ( www.indlinux.org ) working
on localization stuff.
I am not really a debian user, but plan to shift to it from RH. rt now
only used Knoppix & Morphix.
 GNOME & KDE have indian language support - Gnome has quite some
translations for Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil & Kannada. KDE now
works with Qt 3.2 beta, but localization work is just starting for it.
 We have a release at indlinux.org for RH, but its usable for Debian
also. (Someone installed it on debian and said he only need to change
one line in install script (probably the one that sets the fontpaths
). An updates release will be out in next few days. This release is
being made to work on all distros (dont hav debian box around - only
the morphix, knoppix ones - if someone wants to test it, will send
package details offline )
 Also we have a morphix build with Indic stuff added, it works for
Hindi, Malayalam rt now - same could be added in mainstream debian
 We would be very interested to have debian also well supported for
indian languages, ( I am already having ideas to base upcoming
indlinux distro on debian :-) .


If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples 
Then you and I each will still have one apple. 
But if you have an idea and I have one idea and we exchange these
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* Indian Linux project    *
* http://www.indlinux.org *

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