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Re: Downgrading a bug?

Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:
> Sometimes there are bugs that could be dealt with in two ways. One ist
> easy (e.g. put a warning in the documentation at the right place), the
> other one would be much niecer in the long run. I would like that the
> change-log downgrades the bug automatically on the first patch to
> severity wishlist (e.g. with a "Wishlist #nnnn" in changelog)

I think that is kreeping featurism, i.e. a feature which would be
very rarely used.

Usually adding a line "foo does not work" to the documentation does in
_no_ _way_ change severity or status of the bug, the rest of this mal 
assumes that 12334 is a very special bug.

> Currently this doesn't work. What would be right now? Closing the bug
> via Changelog and reopening it by hand, or just putting the change
> into changelog and changing the severity by hand?

Imho the right way is to not use the changelog at all for
manipulating the bug:

* update documentation to temporarily hotfix #12334

Send a message to (control|submitter-12334)@b.d.o
severity 12334 wishlist
The latest upload contains updated documentation reflecting thebroken
behaviour, I'll keep this bug open anyway to remember to kick upstream
to make a proper fix.

             cu andreas
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