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Re: ATI Linux Driver Packages

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 05:34:57PM +1000, Daniel Stone wrote:

 > Uhh, that's utterly incorrect. My Radeon 9000 has out-of-the-box 3D
 > support, as do original Radeons, and all Radeon 7xxx, 8xxx, and
 > 9[01]00 cards. The 9200 *may*, but I'm unsure. Hell, GATOS will even
 > give you VIVO support. The reason why you only get FireGL drivers is
 > because you don't *need* those drivers for the cards I mentioned
 > above.

 There's 3D support and there's 3D support.  The r200 has something
 close to 60 million transistors.  That's twice as many as the r100.  A
 large part of this difference comes from the programmability of the
 r200.  The DRI drivers support most of the functionality present in the
 r100 chip, but most of the new functionality introduced by the r200 is
 not really supported.  The gap is much wider in the case of the r300.

 So, you are right as long as you don't intend to use the functionality
 the newer chips provide.

 > As for support, I've had pretty amazing support from ATI. ATI have
 > developer contacts who regularly feed patches into XFree86 upstream
 > and packagers (the entire 030 patch series was sent through ATI), and
 > they have the standing offer I mentioned above. The only thing
 > preventing capital-F-Free drivers being written right now is DRI
 > developer time constraints, AIUI.

 That's right.


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