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Re: Bug#193497: marked as done (svtools: svsetup uses bashism "echo -e")


> However, it really might be better to put a longer statement into
> changelog. _But_ it's certainly much worse to re-open a really closed
> bug than to make a too short changelog entry. (BTW: You should really

a wrongly closed... (whithout explanation what the fix was; the
new upstream version wasn't , it was a fix included in it;
the bashisms were removed)

> make cleaner why changing of the compiler closes the Bug 194555. The
> situation there is fare worse than here. You shouldn't flame until
> you're perfekt.)

aha. You say me I should respect the decision and you don't.

I worked around it using a "working" compiler. the previous version
didn't work, I upload it with -O0 and then it failed.

I wanted to get a working version in to testing and then look how
to fix that in a correct way.

I actually am really busy with other Debian and RL things...

I admit that I could have written
"* use gcc-3.2 for now to work around "pasting preprocessing token"
 errors with gcc-3.3"

And no, I do _not_ flame, I tell people what not to do. And my
applicants will get questions about that in the future...
(yes, i did that wrong too in that aria upload)



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