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Bug#195725: RFA: tkisem (graphical SPARC emulator) & binutils-sparc

Package: wnpp

Because I no longer use them myself I am looking for someone to take
over the below packages.  (The second, binutils-sparc, exists only to
service the first and is a trivial modification of binutils-avr, so I
list them together.)

I'm not swizzling the Maintainer: field to QA because I'll deal with
any major problems if necessary.  For now.  But if anyone would like
to take them over, please be my guest!


Package: tkisem
Version: 4.5.12-5
Depends: binutils-sparc ..., tk8.3 | wish, ...
Description: Graphical SPARC emulator
 Instructional SPARC Emulator using tk.  This SPARC CPU simulator has
 nice graphics, and is very good for learning assembly language
 programming.  Particularly suited to the textbook "Computer Systems:
 Architecture, Organization, and Programming" by Arthur Maccabe.

Package: binutils-sparc
Build-Depends: ..., toolchain-source, ...
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.2.4-4), binutils (>=
Description: Binary utilities that support the SPARC target.
 The programs in this package are used to manipulate binary and object
 files that may have been created for the SPARC architecture.  This package
 is primarily for SPARC developers and cross-compilers and is not needed
 by normal users or developers, except users of the tkisem SPARC emulator.

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