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Re: Debian menu system update

On Sat, 2003-05-31 at 17:52, Bill Allombert wrote:

> > http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2003/debian-devel-200305/msg02071.html
> Could you be so kind as to summarize thoses concerns ? 

The message above is fairly concise, I think.  But I can basically sum
it up as:

I don't see the advantages (besides inertia) of continuing to develop a
Debian-specific menu system, when the rest of the world is moving to the
freedesktop.org standard.  Implementing the freedesktop.org standard
gives us a number of things, in particular i18n and significantly less
maintenance burden on Debian developers.

But again, I elaborated more in the above message, and if you read the
thread others have discussed this issue too.  It would be very nice if
you could read the thread and respond to the issues raised there. 

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