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Re: Debian menu system update

Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.cx> a tapoté :
> I am not too sure I want this... One of the great things about our menu
> system is that it complies with a rather logical policy - menus are not
> overly nested. I don't know how is the .desktop format, but I understand
> it is just that - a format. I really doubt it provides the coherency of  
> Debian's menu system - Imagine, for example, a developer files his
> browser in Apps/Browsers instead of Apps/Net - What can we do about it?
> We can not even file a bug. He will probably not care about our
> complaint, as he does not need to abide by any policy for HIS work.
> Menu systems, IMHO, are the task of a distribution - a way to organize a
> collection of software. They should not be the task of individual
> developers.

You should anyway look at .desktop.
You assume that this system is completely dumb (Apps/Browsers instead
of Apps/Net example). It's maybe the case but you should check if it's
really the case.

Mathieu Roy
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