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Re: Maintaining kernel source in sarge

Matt wrote:
> The ideal solution would be to be able to share tarballs between source
> packages.  Then, all of the kernel-image packages could be built as if they
> had a complete kernel source tree as their source package (which simplifies
> things a lot), and yet we would only need one such tarball in the archive.
> Of course, I have little idea how much work this would be to implement,
> except that it would touch a lot of different tools.

The way I understand it was intended to work would be to have one
single kernel-source-X-Y-Z package somewhat like what we have today,
and having the various kernel-image-whatever build-depend on this
kernel-source and any necessary kernel-patch packages.

If this understanding is correct, I admit I don't see why the practice
has diverged from this idea.

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