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Re: Unofficial projects related with Debian.

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione@fabbione.net> wrote:
> IPv6 is an official subproject founded by Craig Small, even if we host
> experimental packages outside Debian for various reasons.

I think that might be way, way too formal for what it is.  I'm not too
fussed what it is called as it was setup pragmatically for a practical 

The problem was with IPv6 was there was no coordination.  Someone would
make a package or have a technique for IPv6 but noone else knew about it
so there was duplication and wastage.  I thought this was silly, as did
a lot of others but I was also a Debian webmaster (though in the end it
didn't matter).  So I went to the other webmasters and said I want to
put up a page about IPv6 in Debian so there was a rallying point or a
start where people could lookup the current status.

Jay said fine, but you've got webspace as p.d.o/~csmall/ so stick it
there because it is just a lot easier but there should be a link to it
from the main Debian website and oh by the way there were these other
things and they should have a link too so write up a page with all these
Debian bits so we don't have to think too hard when the next one comes

That's how the IPv6 sub-project started.  I'm pleased that despite my
lack of effort it has done very well.  That is due to other people
stepping up and doing things, such as Fabbione.

Just like TINC, there are no subprojects, they're just a figment of a
developer's Debian webspace and a link off the page on the main site.

I'm not going to buy into what they *should* be, but a least you know
how IPv6 started.

  - Craig
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