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Re: Constitutional amendment: Condorcet/Clone Proof SSD votetallying

Manoj said:

>        Oh, as a sponsor of the GR, I suppose I should clarify that I
> am not going to accept this amendment; I consider it a bad one. This
> makes our vote method fail the monoticity criteria
> (http://www.electionmethods.org/evaluation.htm). See Scenario 2 below.
>        I'll present two (perhaps contrived, but failing to make
> quorum is not a very usual scenario in any case).
> Scenario A:
>        Suppose the tech ctte has 10 members, and is trying to vote on
> the rainbow vote. The quorum is 4. (If you recall, the rainbow vote
> had 10 options). 
>        All 10 members vote -- and they all like like different
> colors, except that two people like red. Most are indifferent about
> the colors they did not chose, but they do not feel they should win
> -- and express their preferences by either only voting for the color
> of their choice.
>        In my version, since no option got the needed 4 votes, there
> is no winner.
>        In this amendment, red wins -- even though only 2 of the 10
> people voted for it (less than the quorum of 4). Red won, even though
> 8 out of 10 people did not want to see it as winner.

This is inaccurate.  With this amendment, no options are excluded by 
quorum.  However, the default option actually *beats* red here.  (2 
people prefer red to the default, while 8 people prefer to the default to red.)

The default option in fact is the Condorcet winner and will win.


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