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Re: Unofficial projects related with Debian.

On 2003.05.23 13:56, Ben Armstrong wrote: 
> [...]
> Debian Jr. is a personal subproject[0] within Debian.  It is my chosen area
> of focus for Debian, and as such, the only "blessing" I have had from the
> Debian project for it is the little parcel of web space I have for the
> Debian Jr. home page and the mailing list.

I agree with it, but i guess that it needs rules.
> That being said, there is certainly a difference between "projects which
> fork Debian to make a new distro (i.e. providing own versions of existing
> Debian packages)" vs. "projects which add packages of their own (outside
> Debian) to extend Debian" vs. "projects which include all of their packages
> in Debian itself (or at least extend Debian's infrastructure itself, if the
> project doesn't have any packages of its own)".  Debian Jr. is of the latter
> sort.  Which of these three kinds of projects are Mono, ipv6, and ddtp?

Forks aren't subprojects.

"Projects which add packages or features for packages that already exists or
some sort of experimental infrastructure", these are IMHO good for Debian
subprojects.Debian Jr., Mono, ipv6 and ddtp are covered by this description,

> [0] By "personal subproject" I don't mean to undervalue the contributions
> others have made.  I'm certainly grateful for the input and support I have
> received from others both inside and outside the Debian project. I mean
> simply that it was born out of my personal interests, and remains primarily
> the work of one person: me.  So again, I don't know what "official" means in 
> this context.
Yes, you're the leader of this subproject but IMHO you need be a developer to
start/maintain a new subproject and follow (obviously) the DFSG and the 
decisions of the entire project.I'm just trying start some points to be included
in the "Debian subproject guidelines".

Gustavo Franco

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