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Re: Debian conference in the US?

Stephen Frost wrote:
> I don't see any problem with having conferences in the USA, or other
> places for that matter, provided there are enough people who will go to
> warrent it and there is someone willing to sponsor it.  Lots of people
> might not be willing to go to the USA for political reasons, probably
> more would find it cost prohibitive.  The same is true for conferences
> outside the USA, I'm sure quite a few developers find that cost
> prohibitive too, and I imagine there are USA developers who dislike the
> actions of other countries and would avoid conferences there too.

It's really not any more expensive to travel to Toronto or Vancouver
than it is to travel a similar distance inside the US[1]. Once you get
there you'll find that the conference is cheaper since the Canadian
dollar is (still) weaker than the US dollar. And I know of approixmatly
zero Americans who have reason to boycott Canada. Sorry, argument does
not fly.

Anyway, I'd love to see a conference in DC, since I have family there,
and it's only 5 hours away by car. I'm looking forward to Oslo more
though, if I can find cheap plane tickets!

see shy jo

[1] If you're low on cash and it's on the right side of the continent, 
    you go by car. Or greyhound!

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