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Re: Debian conference in the US?

* Mathieu Roy (yeupou@gnu.org) wrote:
> Both points of view make sense. 
> Fact is selecting a location for an event which is outside USA seems a
> good compromise for everybody.
> People that do not want to go to USA are not forced to, others that do
> not think USA should be avoided would surely agree to go elsewhere too.

As one of the 200+ developers in the USA I don't feel it should be
avoided and I feel quite out in the cold most of the time when these
conferences come around because I don't have the funds to go elsewhere.
I don't see any problem with having conferences in the USA, or other
places for that matter, provided there are enough people who will go to
warrent it and there is someone willing to sponsor it.  Lots of people
might not be willing to go to the USA for political reasons, probably
more would find it cost prohibitive.  The same is true for conferences
outside the USA, I'm sure quite a few developers find that cost
prohibitive too, and I imagine there are USA developers who dislike the
actions of other countries and would avoid conferences there too.  This
doesn't mean we shouldn't have any conferences.


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