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Re: Maintaining kernel source in sarge

Le dim 18/05/2003 à 16:52, Martin Schulze a écrit :
> I also wonder if there are efforts in progress to unify the kernel
> source through more than two architectures?  This would require a
> group or architecture maintainers (current kernel package mantainers)
> to work collaboratively towards this goal.

Maybe the modules situation is even worse, as rebuilding the kernel may
or may not break some of them.
Is it possible to reliably guarantee the binary-compatibility of a newer
(patched) kernel-image with modules built against the previous one ?
Using explicit dependencies for the compiler, for example.

Otherwise, maybe it would be better to include *all* extra modules we
want to build in the kernel build process, and just provide them in
separate packages, as we already do for pcmcia-modules.
This would make these modules more difficult to maintain in sid, but it
would vastly improve the maintainability of the kernel itself.
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