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Re: donations wishlist?

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> I sent something like this to mako@debian.org, since he's supposed to
> be our donations coordinator (at least, that's what I read at
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2002/debian-devel-announce-200207/msg00001.html),
> but haven't heard from him in a week. Not that I think he's ignoring me,
> but this could be discussed here too.
> At http://www.freebsd.org/donations/wantlist.html, the FreeBSD
> developers have a list of computer-related stuff they could use to
> improve their work on the FreeBSD operating system. I think this is a

In general, I guess, this is a good idea.  However, I see that the
FreeBSD list is a bit cluttered with "private" requests that don't
seem to ensure me that the project will generally benefit from it as
well.  In case the above is not understandable, I believe, that
requests like 2x256DIMMs for home machines are not the proper type of

However, Debian could indeed use quite some help through donations but
we don't propagate our needs.

For example, there is no powerpc machine with chroot access since the
hard disk in voltaire isn't large enough.  Also voltaire is the only
PowerPC machine, and if it fails we're doomed.  A second PowerPC
machine with a large disk could probably be helpful.

Also there are no public accessible mips and mipsel machines at the
moment, even though this is worked on.

The sh3/4/eb port is stalled.  Once it is restarted some network
connected machines would be helpful.

For the Hurd there are also no public accessible machines.  However, I
heard that the Hurd is not yet stable enough to provide a network
connected self-hosting machine.

I could imagine that some people who spend time on improving the
debian-installer could use some non-ia32 machines as well, but I don't
really know.



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